Family Style

What is Family Style?

A mixture of many traditions and cultures, this way of serving the meal is meant to be family-friendly by placing mismatched large dishes in the middle of the table, containing for four to six people . This way of dinner offers the possibility for guests to serve themselves the desired amount, to exchange with each other and with this cousin you have not seen for years and to do what is most important: to share!


Cocktail party

Our approach for our cocktail pieces is quirky because it is inspired by our local and eco-responsible philosophy. We do not offer any appetizer parts in plastic containers and the ones we use are recycled and reusable. Each room is homemade, with local and seasonal products and a touch of originality that will not leave your guests indifferent . They are all imperfect but it makes them perfect

Culinary events

In order to stay in our desire to share, culinary animations are essential! They take place during your cocktail party, on furniture in recycled pallets. So your guests can move from one animation to another, being served by our kitchen staff. You have the possibility to choose 6 from the ones offered in our brochure. We are deliberately lagged and believe that a caterer should not only offer quality food but also a respectful service.


Plate meal

Because we are very flexible, we can, if you insist, offer a service on the plate during your private or professional events. The plates are set in the kitchen and brought by the right, starting with the ladies, to your guests. Our team will serve all your guests at the same time so that they can enjoy our cuisine in the best conditions. The dishes are served directly and individually to each person in plates flat, hollow or bowls.

Corporate cocktail

We also dedicate an important place to the realization of your professional events because the Filles du Sud Traiteur are not limited to weddings! The corporate cocktail, whether you choose it for lunch or dinner, will be THE reception that will bring together your guests or your collaborators to exchange or celebrate the essential moments of your business.


Private events

Whether it’s for a birthday, a housewarming, a snack, a brunch… you’ll understand, anything is possible. Contact us by email, by phone or via our website and specify the date, the place, the number of people and we will be happy to send you a personalized proposal.